Support a dancers dream

imageTina Kamber 24 year old dancer from Switzerland. Tina is an aspiring dancer and develop the passion for dancing at the tender age of 4. ” Dancing is my life; it’s my first love and it’s who I am”.

Tina resides to USA the year 2009. USA is known by many as the land of hope and opportunities. Tina is goal driven and chase after her dream to become a professional dancer and it’s only the beginning of her new life. A eager young inspiration to many got into STEPS on Broadway dancing school where she was schedule for six months.

Tina is talented in many different dance style for example Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern, Jazz, Irish and Scottish and has grown to choreograph her own piece and performed with fellow students. She also created and coordinated musicals and went on two week tour in the cities of Switzerland and Germany.

Living in New York for 4years has made Tina feel like a “New Yorker” but she feels the country should be her home and has grown to love place. ” My new life is in USA and I still want to pursue my career in dancing”. Tina lined up a few jobs which was unpaid  and volunteered her time to teach creative classes for Kindergarten Kids, Teenagers and Seniors and perform for homeless people at monastery soup kitchen for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

She has gain loads of experience while being in New York and land her few jobs and was hired as a back up dancer to dance with Sky and Kovy and was able to be part of the X-Box Kinekt launch in Times Square wit 600 dancers. With Live performances by Lady Sovereign and Ne-Yo. Tina landed herself in two music videos for Ashlie Lucket and Angie. And being part of a Flashmob for Y’Nevano. ” One great experience was to break a Guinness World Record, most ballerinas on Point in Central Park”.

However, she want to apply for a O-1 Visa ( artist and work permit) however USA immigration service does  not want to support her dream as they require more proof of her extra-ordinary abilities. Tina is up and coming aspiring dancer/ artist require your support and vote to make her dreams come true.

So how can you help Tina Kamber in making her dream a reality?

To find out more about Tina Kamber and see her amazing work u can follow her on the following social media.

Twitter: Tina__Kimberly

Facebook page all she need is for you to like her page:


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“Facebook” stuur Grafiese voorstelle ondersoeke uit wat gebruikers toelaat om foto’s (prente), poste en boodskappe te naspeur of uitvra in so ‘n manier dat dit gebruikers kan transformeer in hoe hulle die sociale netwerk gebruik.

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First solar power printed

Did u know that everything revolve around the sun? The worlds first solar power printer was created by Riso which is known as the Risolar. Risolar is no longer a printer it is a principle which is being implemented across their product offering and expanding the Risolar and taking the cue from an expanding universe. Risolar enable users to harness the power of the sun to achieve true off the grid printing. Technological advance and nature comes together with the Riso. Source- Renewable Energy handbook

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Universities/ Technikons

1. Cape Peninsula University of Technology • Cape Town Campus • Granger Bay- Maritime Studies • Mowbray Campus • Bellville Campus • Wellington Campus 2. Tshwane University of Technology • Northern Gauteng, Technikon North West and Technikon Pretoria 3. Mangosuthu University of Technology • Outskirts of Durban, near Umlazi 4. Durban University of Technology • Technical University in Kwazulu Natal 5. Central University of Technology • Based in the Free State, city of Bloemfontein FET Colleges: • Damelin College • Northlink College • Varsity College • False Bay College Telecoms Academy provide a wide range of courses in the telecoms, business technology and engineering field. Just to name a few, there is still courses that have limited space open

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Interview on Hectic Nine 9 Kids Talk Show

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Inspiring Youth

As an upcoming young lady entering the media field. I want to encourage each and every young child to reach for your goals and never to give up. Technology and Media is a great field to be part of everyday is a new challenge and that is what keeps me going because everyday you learn something new. Hard work is the key ” what you put in, you will get out” . The new changes in apps that’s being implementing to improve the connectivity is incredible example Facebook, YouTube, twitter etc just to name a few. I never knew technology is such a interesting field to be part of until i came to learn and experience it at the Africa Com event. Without technology the world would have been a different place but all thanks to mobile phones and computers we can do so much and meet all the people that’s been entering our daily lives it was all made possible through technology. For the youth come and be part of such an amazing world. You learn in such a way that you enjoy yourself by taking on new challenges. Technology and Media is not a field you get bored of, the hunger to learn is constantly driving you to grow in this industry. Find the passion for it and do research on the industry and to work hard to achieve your dream. It’s not where you come from but what you make out of your life and making the difference in others lives. ” Reach for the Stars”

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Woman Empowerment

Memeburn company
Advice and empower women entering the Media and technology field.
The media field is exciting. Its quite diverse for woman. Woman takes care when they do anything. Media is an amazing world to be part in. You meet different people.
Study media, you will learn so many things. You must be patient and need to read a lot, doing a lot of research. Research the different types of reporters if u want to go into television, media production, journalism etc. Work hard, find the area of industry that you enjoy.

Obstacle facing media as a career?
There’s always obstacles not just in the media industry but in general. You will come across people who will tell you, you cannot do something. You will meet people who will bring you down. All you need to do is, you need to get a thick skin and you need to remember not to take everything personally, yes it might get you down but you need to pick yourself up. Take your strength and let whatever people try to get you down, let that thing help you to grow stronger.
Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. No one is perfect, people learn everyday from their mistakes. Listen and always ask questions.
We would like to see more woman entering any industry. There is very little woman entering the technology field. There’s this mindset that woman do not do technology which is wrong.
Technology needs to be encourage more to woman because its fun and excited career to enter. Everyday is a new challenge and don’t be afraid for change. Woman needs to be empowered on a regular basis to enter the technology world. You learn different things every day. Technology is the way to go. Move forward.

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