Improving Connectivty

New revenue opportunities and fast tracking connectivity and device:

Nicholas Jotischky, Informa Telecom, Media Analyst and Reseacher. Expertise in emergining market.
Telecom focuses on the pent-up demand for connectivity, and the opportunties it will bring for Telco’s, contest providers, device manufacturers, system intergrators and enlarging the Telecoms value chain.
Mark Newman, Chief Researcher Officer
Mark Newman touched on various strategies and opportunities that will circulate the market revenue. Rampant in 3G increasing in new mobile. Over the next 5years revenues will increase, gap in device market in lower and high connectivity making consumer data more efficient for consumer. In every 10years technology is improving and being more cost effective, making connectivity faster as the years progress.
It is evolving and trend will hit the market. Music, Games, Videos and Apps will improve. Consumer will gain data revenue. Apple and Google as seen as more of a threat than Facebook and Amazon. App stores will come to Africa, there’s not a lot in Africa but will broader and expand. Telco’s across the world are structuring the initial and innovation very differently.
2% of mobile operators revenues in 2012 rising to 2.4% in 2013. Third parties will capture more than 80% of digital revenues.
Demitris Movrakis, Principle Analyst/ Networks. Informa Telecoms and Media.
There is massive potential for organic growth in rural areas. Specific technologies and vendors targeting rural areas. If fences are even stronger in rural networks.
One of the rural networks Characteristics that stood out, “ Profitability is challenge either very large or very small, cell sites. Usually, space for only one operator.
3G is rising- GSM
LTD- Slowly coming down
W-CDMA- middle based usage.

My overall experience during the conference. Day 1
It was very influential and broadened my knowledge on how different companies implement new strategies on how to up circulate new revenues for the company and consumers. Companies specializing in mobile, Apps and other technology devices innovating the new ideas and strategy to make connectivity faster and affordable and implementing new strategy especially in rural areas where connectivity is poor. It broadened my mindset on technology, as a young up coming lady who want to expose myslef in the media and technology field, this conferences really help me getting more aducated and understanding the content of devices and other technology networks.
This is not just an ordinary experience for me, this opportunity will open many doors in the corporate and media industry. I’m here to network and giving my utmost best to make a success of the opportunity and broadcasting the message out to the youth and following citizens who do not understand the different technologies of today’s modern life. Technology is a positive impact in our daily lives, aldepens how you make use of it. And to educate them on why the strategies is taking place in the changing world of technology.
“ Education is the key to success”. Knowlegde is power.
Written by Simone Johnson

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