Inspiring Youth

As an upcoming young lady entering the media field. I want to encourage each and every young child to reach for your goals and never to give up. Technology and Media is a great field to be part of everyday is a new challenge and that is what keeps me going because everyday you learn something new. Hard work is the key ” what you put in, you will get out” . The new changes in apps that’s being implementing to improve the connectivity is incredible example Facebook, YouTube, twitter etc just to name a few. I never knew technology is such a interesting field to be part of until i came to learn and experience it at the Africa Com event. Without technology the world would have been a different place but all thanks to mobile phones and computers we can do so much and meet all the people that’s been entering our daily lives it was all made possible through technology. For the youth come and be part of such an amazing world. You learn in such a way that you enjoy yourself by taking on new challenges. Technology and Media is not a field you get bored of, the hunger to learn is constantly driving you to grow in this industry. Find the passion for it and do research on the industry and to work hard to achieve your dream. It’s not where you come from but what you make out of your life and making the difference in others lives. ” Reach for the Stars”

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2 Responses to Inspiring Youth

  1. frannica Poovan says:

    Amazing* keep up the good work you doing inspiring young people to become leaders .
    Only a few has brave hearts like you so stay bold and stand out .

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