Woman Empowerment

Memeburn company
Advice and empower women entering the Media and technology field.
The media field is exciting. Its quite diverse for woman. Woman takes care when they do anything. Media is an amazing world to be part in. You meet different people.
Study media, you will learn so many things. You must be patient and need to read a lot, doing a lot of research. Research the different types of reporters if u want to go into television, media production, journalism etc. Work hard, find the area of industry that you enjoy.

Obstacle facing media as a career?
There’s always obstacles not just in the media industry but in general. You will come across people who will tell you, you cannot do something. You will meet people who will bring you down. All you need to do is, you need to get a thick skin and you need to remember not to take everything personally, yes it might get you down but you need to pick yourself up. Take your strength and let whatever people try to get you down, let that thing help you to grow stronger.
Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. No one is perfect, people learn everyday from their mistakes. Listen and always ask questions.
We would like to see more woman entering any industry. There is very little woman entering the technology field. There’s this mindset that woman do not do technology which is wrong.
Technology needs to be encourage more to woman because its fun and excited career to enter. Everyday is a new challenge and don’t be afraid for change. Woman needs to be empowered on a regular basis to enter the technology world. You learn different things every day. Technology is the way to go. Move forward.

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