Support a dancers dream

imageTina Kamber 24 year old dancer from Switzerland. Tina is an aspiring dancer and develop the passion for dancing at the tender age of 4. ” Dancing is my life; it’s my first love and it’s who I am”.

Tina resides to USA the year 2009. USA is known by many as the land of hope and opportunities. Tina is goal driven and chase after her dream to become a professional dancer and it’s only the beginning of her new life. A eager young inspiration to many got into STEPS on Broadway dancing school where she was schedule for six months.

Tina is talented in many different dance style for example Ballet, Hip Hop, Modern, Jazz, Irish and Scottish and has grown to choreograph her own piece and performed with fellow students. She also created and coordinated musicals and went on two week tour in the cities of Switzerland and Germany.

Living in New York for 4years has made Tina feel like a “New Yorker” but she feels the country should be her home and has grown to love place. ” My new life is in USA and I still want to pursue my career in dancing”. Tina lined up a few jobs which was unpaid  and volunteered her time to teach creative classes for Kindergarten Kids, Teenagers and Seniors and perform for homeless people at monastery soup kitchen for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

She has gain loads of experience while being in New York and land her few jobs and was hired as a back up dancer to dance with Sky and Kovy and was able to be part of the X-Box Kinekt launch in Times Square wit 600 dancers. With Live performances by Lady Sovereign and Ne-Yo. Tina landed herself in two music videos for Ashlie Lucket and Angie. And being part of a Flashmob for Y’Nevano. ” One great experience was to break a Guinness World Record, most ballerinas on Point in Central Park”.

However, she want to apply for a O-1 Visa ( artist and work permit) however USA immigration service does  not want to support her dream as they require more proof of her extra-ordinary abilities. Tina is up and coming aspiring dancer/ artist require your support and vote to make her dreams come true.

So how can you help Tina Kamber in making her dream a reality?

To find out more about Tina Kamber and see her amazing work u can follow her on the following social media.

Twitter: Tina__Kimberly

Facebook page all she need is for you to like her page:


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