What a Privilege it was to be part of Africa Com

What a privilege it was to be part of Africa Com
What a great experience I’ve been having at the Africa Com event. What a privilege it is to be here and experience this in creditable event of new technologies and media. This was an opportunity to put my trust in the Lord and not rely on my own strength. Through him everything is possible. This day has been a magic moment for me. I got a chance to live both my dreams in one. Events and Media, couldn’t ask for a better way to network, learn and exposing myself. To do something positive with my life and having a positive impact on the youth and motivating them to get connected and start networking because you will never know unless you try and give you best and never give up on your dreams. I’m living my dream and I can grow so much in this industry.
Work hard and never look back and take every moment as a learning curve and give you best. “keep your head up. God gives his hardest battles to his strongest Soldiers”
Thank You
– Network staff
– Africa Com
– Hectic Nine 9

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The question arise, is it about satisfying consumers demands and needs or making a profit in business, what is more important?
I believe if companies focus more on customers centricity, there will be growth in profitability. Its about growing a profitable client based business with the focus around quality. Balance approve to Cost, Quality and Service in order to get the best out in any business to built and retain customers as well as internal and external relationships.
You have to look at a client base which is basically supplying the demand which relates back to the product. If the product quality and service is excellent they providing there will b more of a growth in profit then the company expected.
Quality is an important aspect in any service and product it will attract more customers because the deliverance of service and product was good and also look at your risk factors and your hunger for risk. Quality is going to influence your cost and the type of market you servicing which is a huge driver of your reputational risk, cost risk depend on the quality which will lead back to customer growth and retention.
Cost influence service delivery because you going to look at the type of client based on risk assessment, product type, rand for value and ROI “ Return On INVESTMENT”
Client centricity which is the quality focus and evaluation of the particular market, economical market and reputation risk. And another important aspect is the agreement with the market. Service level agreement, turn around times and pricing modules.
I would say focus on cost, quality and service because if you don’t deliver a good product you will lose customers and a decrease in profit. Satisfy the client and consumers first because they will stay loyal to your business and at the end of the day its a win, win situation. Clients and Consumers will be satisfied and the business will make there profit. Without the customer and client there wont be a business. So I don’t think profit must be they main focus in any business.

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Improving Connectivty

New revenue opportunities and fast tracking connectivity and device:

Nicholas Jotischky, Informa Telecom, Media Analyst and Reseacher. Expertise in emergining market.
Telecom focuses on the pent-up demand for connectivity, and the opportunties it will bring for Telco’s, contest providers, device manufacturers, system intergrators and enlarging the Telecoms value chain.
Mark Newman, Chief Researcher Officer
Mark Newman touched on various strategies and opportunities that will circulate the market revenue. Rampant in 3G increasing in new mobile. Over the next 5years revenues will increase, gap in device market in lower and high connectivity making consumer data more efficient for consumer. In every 10years technology is improving and being more cost effective, making connectivity faster as the years progress.
It is evolving and trend will hit the market. Music, Games, Videos and Apps will improve. Consumer will gain data revenue. Apple and Google as seen as more of a threat than Facebook and Amazon. App stores will come to Africa, there’s not a lot in Africa but will broader and expand. Telco’s across the world are structuring the initial and innovation very differently.
2% of mobile operators revenues in 2012 rising to 2.4% in 2013. Third parties will capture more than 80% of digital revenues.
Demitris Movrakis, Principle Analyst/ Networks. Informa Telecoms and Media.
There is massive potential for organic growth in rural areas. Specific technologies and vendors targeting rural areas. If fences are even stronger in rural networks.
One of the rural networks Characteristics that stood out, “ Profitability is challenge either very large or very small, cell sites. Usually, space for only one operator.
3G is rising- GSM
LTD- Slowly coming down
W-CDMA- middle based usage.

My overall experience during the conference. Day 1
It was very influential and broadened my knowledge on how different companies implement new strategies on how to up circulate new revenues for the company and consumers. Companies specializing in mobile, Apps and other technology devices innovating the new ideas and strategy to make connectivity faster and affordable and implementing new strategy especially in rural areas where connectivity is poor. It broadened my mindset on technology, as a young up coming lady who want to expose myslef in the media and technology field, this conferences really help me getting more aducated and understanding the content of devices and other technology networks.
This is not just an ordinary experience for me, this opportunity will open many doors in the corporate and media industry. I’m here to network and giving my utmost best to make a success of the opportunity and broadcasting the message out to the youth and following citizens who do not understand the different technologies of today’s modern life. Technology is a positive impact in our daily lives, aldepens how you make use of it. And to educate them on why the strategies is taking place in the changing world of technology.
“ Education is the key to success”. Knowlegde is power.
Written by Simone Johnson

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Africa App Blog

Paul Lee
Senior Product Manager
Users in Mobile Data
About a year ago IT started tracking. Africa constantly has had the highest mobile internet cost of any region in the world.
People seem to be confuse who use “ Pay as you go” verses bundles. Are very confuse of how much value they actually getting for it. It turns out that even pay as you go is typically twice to three times the expenses than data bundles. Did you know that a web page on the net is 500k? Researcher have shown that Africa users top-up they accounts daily.
Non- Users and Users are different of what they care about. They facing different issues. Important factors for users are speed, uncertainty of cost, cost is cost to them and what they the actual service cost is. Cost is very complex in terms of services cost, uncertainty of cost and device cost. It turns out for non-users the biggest issue by far is device cost that they facing today.
App developers must think of new versions for existing users using their site in order to keep existing users of the mobile internet attracted and loyal to they site and pages. Advertising the app and letting users know the low cost of using these Apps will keep users loyal to they product they render. Most successful Apps in Africa in the last 5years is Whatsapp and mxit cause its easy to maintain.

I’m a frequent user using apps like Mxit, Whatsapp and Facebook etc. When mxit first started it was much cheaper than it is today and the number of app users have grown over the years. Yes they do improve the apps and features but it takes up more airtime and data bundles. Is it cause some companies want to make more profit on the apps or cause of expenses to upgrade the apps for users? All comments welcome.

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